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Thread: I want better players.

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    I want better players.

    Hello, ive joined top eleven like month before and Im actually level 2. But back to my problem. All of my players arel 5 stars with skillpoints around 25-30. When i visit market its not possible to find there better players.. I mean 6stars and more. How is that possible ? Will i be ever able to buy better players there or how does it exactly work? Do I need to wait for next season to get on higher level to have possibility to buy better players or what ? You know, i dont want to waste my tokens and money on the players from skaut right now. So should i just save my tokens and money for a better times ? : ) Thanks for answer

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    In transfer market you can only find 3,4,5 star players only...
    If you want 6 star players then you will have to buy SCOUTS...
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    Save your tokens and cash and prepare for the mania that is the transfer window on opening day
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    You cant buy 6* players in the auction as said above, this you will find all the time as you go up the levels, all you can do is buy a scout also said above!, however you can get 5* players that end in 4 or 9 which will only be 1 skill point of the next star so you train them to get upto 6*!,. If you have wads of cash to spend then you can power train them with the use of booster packs and start getting more * on them quicker!. One thing to be aware of players that end in 4 or 9 or have special abilities or multi positions will be highly sort after so expect to pay a hefty price in tokens as you embrace in a bidding war to which you may not even get that player!, it may seem harsh but thats how it is!, also DO NOT buy players in the first week of the season as the auction goes mental and every player on the auction is wanted and again you find your self battling many people at a hefty cost to YOU!, the best time to buy is the last few days of the season when manager of higher levels dump there cast offs! there cast offs are good players to you as they have a better * rating to you on a lower level.
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