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Thread: Top ranked team, really bad results and player ratings..

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    Top ranked team, really bad results and player ratings..


    My team is the 3:rd best in my league with 7 players that have 6 stars in rating. All bought as scouted players.

    But it does not help. My strikers have not scored in the last 6 league games. And my goal keeper (also a 6 star player) always get between 4 and 6 in rating. I have also tried my other keeper but same there. I always have a real hard time to score against lower ranked teams. I have around 55 in ball possesion every game but I just can't score and win matches.

    And yes I have tried to switch to a more offensive tactic.

    What has happened to this game? Im in league nr 13 now and I remember around league nr 8-9 everything just had a flow that is completely blown away... Where is the logic?

    How is it possible that when I have bought so many really good players I just totally fail. Are there no guarantee for all the money you put in to this game?

    And final question. Do Nordeus really read the posts in this forum?

    A really disapointed player!

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    You are on a much higher level than me so you know just about everything!, the only thing I will say is in my experience upto now L7 some scouts seem to do better in the following season lol, I bought a scout ST this year and he is doing ok, he is the highest rated player, has the highest passes but NOT the highest goal scorer in the league! that is by another of my ST who was a scout 3 seasons ago!, he is now 29! lol. When I bought him he banged in the goals that season but was mediocre at best the next season! but then has come good now! so what Im trying to say is it is very up and down from season to season!, I only buy 1 scout a season for this very reason, you might find next season they all come good when there not scout player so to speak!. The only other thing I would say is maybe we have to change formations at certain times the higher you go my friend.
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    also got troll today, i L2, opponent L3, i rating 27.1, he 20.1. matches 1-1 and 0-0, always did counter formations.

    kicked out of cup, he even 1 player injury in minute 20. game no make sense ;-;