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Thread: Impossible to win, in league nr 13

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    Impossible to win, in league nr 13


    I have a team in league nr 13 and season 15 in top eleven.

    The first half of the league went excellent and I won plenty of matches against both better and worse opponents. I was nr 2 of the league. And had conceded the keast goals in the league.

    Then the downfall began, and I lost almost every match with more than one goal. And I just can't score either. I have it all most shots, ball possesion and even the chances. This is when I look at my matches. And every single time that I don't look at the match I can get a 2 to 3 goal win. EVERY SINGLE TIME. Tonight I watched my game and as described above I owned the game as usual but lost 1-0... I also had like 7 chances where the usual text before you usually ALWAYS score came up.

    Under my 15 seasons I have never experienced anything near this chaos, and I have really tried everything to get back to my form that I had in the beginning of my league. But with no success, only more dissapointing results..

    I also wrote to Nordeus about my issue. They just say it's just like real football.. That makes me thinkin that it must be the only thing in Top Eleven that's actually like real football... I wrote to them that I feel that there should be some kind of succes guarantee when you spend 50£ a season on your team. But apparently the wont give us any value for our money like for example Clash of Clans do! Cause there you actually get something like upgraded better troops or better buildings.

    Now I wonder does anyone else has the same problem? And wtf is happening..?

    I just feel it's so sad that this is what Top Eleven come down to after so many fun times I seriously think of quit..

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    Do David Moyes/ Manuel Pellegrini / Jose Mourinho/ Arsene Wenger get a success guarantee because they spent x amount?

    Anyway it really is like real life. I imagine David Moyes is fed up and wants to quit