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Thread: New match timing system.

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    New match timing system.

    This is totally crazy! There are some days that I have 3 matches in one day and 1 match in 1 one day. This doesn't make any sense at all. What if my players get injured during the matches when they have to play 3 matches in one day? I don't have enough "treatments" to recover them and this will lead to lack of players to play for next matches. Otherwise, I don't have enough tokens to change the match time.
    This new match timing system is just good at one side: managers now can watch the live matches because the timing system has changed to fit the time zone. But why I don't like this system ? it is mentioned above.

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    Its normal to have 3 match 1 day CL, league, cup. buy backup players and add friends, so they send you boosters every day. good luck