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Thread: Transfer market question

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    Transfer market question

    So I was bidding on two players at the same time. I had a total of 2.5M, Player 1 cost 1.36, Player 2 1.46. None auction had ended yet, so I thought I could get both players. I had bid on both in first round, then on Player 1 in the 2nd round. Then, just before the ending of the 3rd round I tried to bid on Player 1, but it said I wouldn't have enough money. I lost the auction. The other one was still at 10 min.

    How is this possible? I had just bid on him one 60 sec ago, for 0.04M less and it worked. Why not in first round or 2nd round? I lost tokens, but thats not that important. How can I stop that from happening again, since I clearly had enough money?

    Thank you for your help!

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    I am not sure what happened. It is strange, to me it seems like a glitch. You can usually continue to bid as long as you got in initially and have tokens.
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