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Thread: Possible return for T40 Super League

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    Possible return for T40 Super League

    Hey all, you may remember a T35 league, where people would make a 2nd Facebook account and then make a team on Top Eleven and compete in a big league together. I hope to bring this back. The person who first made this was 'Carl Taut' I can remember competing in this, it felt like yesterday and I feel upset that I haven't heard since it reset, as I decided not to compete in the new version. So the rules are:
    1) You must wait until the new season starts, that will be told in the coming week, before creating a new top eleven team, failure to do this will result in you not being in the league.
    2) You must link me to your new Facebook account, so I can add you. This must be done so I can 'add' you into the league and group I will be making, where members post their signings, EVERY SINGLE signing MUST be put into the group.
    3) There is no limit to how much you can spend, just no coin buying on this account, to keep it fair.
    4) There will be a big competition held, where friendlies are made and players will compete in a group stage, then the top 2 qualify into a knockout round, those matches and played and so on.
    5) Please be respectful towards all other members (No offensive comments or swearing please)

    I think I have covered everything, if you have any further queries, please reply to this with your question, also please place down 'I'm in' if you wish to enter. Thanks all!
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    Not just yet.
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