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Thread: Re arranging games

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    Re arranging games

    I think that re arranging a game must be agreed by BOTH parties.
    The other day i had a game re arranged by the other party 30 mins before kick off. I had prepared my team for the game and had to re do it all. Its annoying when one team can move the goalposts.

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    i agree with u 100% i had a match last season cause he had a match in the cl at 8am he chanhed my match against him to 1:30am next day and that was less than 3 hours after i had my last match
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    I used to move matches to start straight after their previous game.

    You could do this because you could spot gaps in the time you could pick. I just chose right after those gaps

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    The 3 hours gap should now be maintained even when they switch times, since they did the update last season.

    It is a strategy for some managers, they move they match to be inconvenient for the time zone of their opponent, or move it as near as possible to another match. Often though it is just for their own convenience. It is their Home so they have that privilege so they can change it to be there, or for whatever reason. And they pay for the time change, so why would both have to agree? It would never work.

    I do not expect that to change.