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Thread: Biding War

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    Question Biding War

    First I saw a ST young player on the Auction zone and I make a bid, so it just start a lot people getting bid.
    When I saw a lot people bidding then I stop for second bid.

    Then the final wiener >redacted< the club call Grandiser FC
    Furthermore, the second bid have lose the player, >redacted<
    And the player is more then 140M have been bid, of it for only 5 star

    (I think that are you guys Crazy, to bid more the 20 token! Better buy a scout player and scout is 6 star and maybe will be 7 star, so what the hell you two guys thinking)

    So I start look for other, the player is 18 year old and 5 star name is Romano Rou. (I did make a bid) Then I saw their two is started to bid, I know their will be a bidding war. I stop make bid, I just sit their and eat my food. Then it it be ...... few moment later

    I saw @.@ are you crazy and stupid

    Biding War-capture.jpg
    What The Hell 260 Million and I think is more then 35 token that each person bid or less then that (because I didn't count the token)

    I think their two is hacker or the have their token
    If you have more token better buy a scout player!
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    He still bidding

    Biding War-capture1.jpg


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    I think sometimes they need to satisfy 'the desires', and this game helps it lol

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    You will always get this on 18/19 year old that quality end in 4 or 9!, when are people going to start listerning to me!, you look at the skill set and think great he is only 1 point of his next star! il have him, but what you fail to realise another 300,000 people or more think the same thing so this is why you keep getting caught up in a bidding war!, if you still want to chance it on a player like that then set a limit of say 5T then stop bur personally I go for 7-8 and 3 skill players and have a very high success rate.
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    Do not call out other managers personally on the Forum.

    This always happens at beginning of the Season, some choice ones are posted here:
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