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Thread: What are Nordeus Gens?

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    Noreus Gens are only players worth to buy.....
    They are expensive but they are fastest training players in the game
    they usually comes up after server refreshes in the early morning (for my server 80)
    Its not a big fight for them because they are expensive (at least not for level 9 - maybe in higher levels yes)
    They incredibly perform.... if you manage buy few of them especially with SA you are sorted

    Lately Greedy Nordeus started during the season put only 3* or 4* NGE Players which are not good to me but you might get them if you tank season or two you might get a gem out of him ....

    here is my squad ... average age 20 .... all NGE ...

    The best time to buy is ...... <secret>

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    I prefer the four star players, especially if I want to add a role or SA.. they train faster than the five star. On my server there's almost always bid wars on good players.

    Sometimes it is better to get a player from a team if their Attributes are set up the way you prefer. (and if they are super high price he's prolly a good trainer too)

    Generated players are almost perfectly even. This is why sometimes people complain, oh I got this five star and he is getting crud rating. Well, he needs to be trained to work with your team, and if he is already five star it might take awhile!

    The best time to buy is when your server is slowest.
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