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Thread: Training Intensity Normal vs Hard

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    Training Intensity Normal vs Hard


    has anyone done an extensive study on the differences between Condition % and Skill gain % on the different settings?

    I've just been testing it out...
    And I find that the Condition % more then doubles - I.E

    Stretching = 5%-7%
    Cardio = 11-13 %;
    Prac Match = 17-20%

    However the skill gained in comparison to what the players earned from normal training is only 50% more.

    Meaning your players get +100% more tired and only 50% better...
    Begging the question as to why would you take the risk of Hard Training even if you want to - are able to - power train?

    If anyone has found that this is not the case - as i've only done a once of comparison on 4 players in each mode - please let me know what you found.


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    It will vary with individual players. Some will gain more with less loss than others. I find the more they gain the more condition they lose.

    Most of my players gain twice what they do on normal when training them hard. Some players do best in one training style over the others, too. I have a guy that loves Cardio, but gets about the same in a Practice Match...
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