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Thread: Amical match or PT

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    Amical match or PT

    Hi guys! My first post

    I wonder what´s the best between chaining amical matches, and power training...?

    Im in 3rd league, first in league, still in league of champ, but lost against a level 5 in cup. So i could plan one or two amical per day... But i dont know if its the best ratio to get skill points :/

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    power training, but if you have many green packs.
    i usually combine 3 competitions for first top 11 and training for subs.get huge amount of skill points if your team still in 3 competitions. no need of power training.

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    It depends upon your preferences...

    If you want to train a particular player then go for POWER training otherwise you can play friendlies...Playing friendlies will also give you 1 health pack, 2 moral pack and if you are lucky 1 treatment pack...

    And train only those players who are fast trainers...