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Thread: Is this game balanced?

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    Is this game balanced?

    Can someone explain how i can play 0-0 vs a team who is like 3 times worse then me. I was watch the match live and had +3 supports from friends, he didn't watch match and no support. He played 4-3-1-2, I counter with 4-5-1 V form. Is this game balanced or did I have bad luck? 22 shots, 9 on goal and none went inn. Im curious! :-)

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    3x worse than you? Do you actually mean you are a five star team, and they two?

    do you have a screen shot of the match, it would be interesting.

    9 on goal, none went in/ did his GK make saves? Was his defense given high ratings? Was your ST given bad rating?

    Sometimes the weaker team wins, it happens.
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    Maybe they had The Cat in goal !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

    Yes as above sometimes it just dosnt go for you hun !!!!!!!!

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    Is this game balanced?-see-saw-fat-guy%5B1%5D.jpg

    This is how balanced it is Nordeus on the left players on the right
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    I have screen shot of the match, but I don't know how to upload it from Iphone 4S. I try to explain this with text.

    His Gk - 4 stars - 1 save
    My ST - 6 stars - special skill 1on1
    His defender got 7 in ratings.

    My team value: 26.4 m
    His team value: 6.12
    We both level 2

    I have 6 players with 6 stars on the field and he have none ofcourse.

    I belive my benefits are; home match, clearly advantage on team skills, watching live match with 3 supports, counter his formation with tatic.

    I hope admin/moderator will take a look at this, I feel it's unfair to loose points like this :-)

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    Game isn't balanced its random.Game logic can be writen better by moron.Quality mean nothing you can loose form team who have no gk/st easy with big result,its normal team with top quality in leage to finish last and team with worst quality to finish 1-st :X.The people who write game logic dont know that in this world have something called mathematic where 100 > 50.At last they will fix it one day but will be late,i played this crap 2 years but already stoped it and will not start again.No reason to play game where i spend money,time,create hight quality team and watch how 1 star GK score 4 goals vs me :X.For me this game is user unfriendly you have to be masohist to keep playing and spend time and money. /mark topeleven like spam and all is ok ^^!
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