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Thread: Most difficult player to find ..

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    Most difficult player to find ..

    Looking through the transfer market tonight and seeing all the AML/MLs and no AMR/MR i got to wondering what positions are toughest to find?

    I try to get dual-position players so that's my focus, but maybe a certain position/SA combo might be yours.
    Here's my list:
    1. MC + any other position. An MC/MR or MC/ML would be awesome , or an MC/AMC or MC/DMC .. any of those combos would be extremey versatile, but I've never seen an MC with a second position.
    2. AMC/ST I've seen one player with this combo
    3. MR/AMR not rare, but definitely uncommon compared to the left side. I see 8x more ML/AMLs. Anybody have an idea why?

    My dream player: 5* MC/AMC/ST with shadow striker SA. I'd go 100 rounds for that!
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    wow, your dreaming or your sever name Navana.
    my market hardly found MC/anyposition
    AMC/AML/AMR is quiet commonly found but only 3* mostly
    ST/anyposition also hard to find in mine

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    When you said shadow strike you said everything I doubt you will find a player with 2 possitions and shadow strike, if you will find it you are really lucky.

    Yes is hard to find dual possition players, the most are aml/ml - amr/mr and defenders like dc/dmc.
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    I hardly ever find any player that has 3 positions, 2 is quite common though, but not always the combination you want. I always find theres lots of DC/DL or DC/DR or DC/DMC but never any MC/DMC or MC/AMC or AMC/ST, probably because they aren't generated from the game.
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    I think any manager can find any player they want as long as they are patient. If I go searching through the Tranfer Market & don't find what I want, then I go back the next day, or the next, until what I want is available. You will get your man eventually, if you are patient.

    The best time to look is the first 2-3 hours after maintainence, always plenty of 5* youngsters available, except in the first week of the new season
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    3 positions, young, fast trainer with SA.

    I own one but its the default star player you get when you start

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    Well, i think the most difficult to find is AMC/ST with Shadow striker sa (nevere saw one of them). indeed i found some MC/DMC (i own one of them), MC/AMC, and also some DC/DMC/MC (i own one of them too).

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    In the previous seasons :
    *- I owned ST/AMR with special ability but i don't remember what.
    *- I owned MC/AMC.
    *- A lot of DC/DMC.
    *- A lot of DC/DL & DC/DR.
    *- AML/C/R many times and the previous one was in level 9.

    but now I don't have such these players ... only players like (AMR/C .. AML/C ... DC/R .. DC/L ... DC/DMC) and I'm already have 2 players AMR/C + 2 players AML/C + 2 DC/R .

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    For the last two seasons the hardest to find for me:
    AML/ML. AMR/MR DL/DC with SA, Very few have been available and even less with SA unless your looking 30+
    The young that do become available tend to have no SA and 3* 32 Avg.
    I do have a AML/AMC with SS, SA but he came off the scout list last season.
    The odd triple position becomes available but again they are 30 some-things with low quality.
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    I struck lucky 2 seasons back, when I picked up, (a then 19yo), AML/AMC/ST from the transfer list. Reckon the selling team must have trained him to learn ST.

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