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Thread: Great Game by a Player, but not so great classification

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    Great Game by a Player, but not so great classification

    Now, explain me this please...

    (The images contain portuguese text, but the translation is the following).

    My player N Tsvetkov was playing in the start eleven. Then on the second half (68 m) I made a substitution, replacing him by another player. The game comment was "Great game by Tsevtkov, he leaves the field and Risso enters in his place".

    A greate game, is a great game. That should be reflected on the final game statistics.

    For my big surprise, Tsvetkov classification was 4 (four)!

    Now explain me this...

    Great Game by a Player, but not so great classification-img1.jpg

    Great Game by a Player, but not so great classification-img2.jpg

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    My God, you really run that tactic?

    If you play like that you are lucky if you ever win a game.

    Move that DMR up to does´t matter if he is not MR. he might lose 1 point but i never had any problems with using DMR as MR or MC as DMC.........

    You must also make 1 space between your 2 midfielder or you have a illegal formation on the midfield.

    DL..... .....DC..............DR

    Those Xs shows where it is a NO NO placement of a player in your formation which looks like a 3-1-4 -2
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    Yeah the "Great Game for John Player" is not truly descriptive. I have noticed that as well, it will say it for any replacement even if they weren't having a great game. What comments you saw before about that player usually are more helpful, if he was the "last line of defense" or "made a blistering strike" is more important to his rating.
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    This was a frendly match. The tatic was only an experiment.

    Normally I play with 4 - 3(N) - 1 - 2

    Anyway, thanks for the advice. Will do a try with that one.