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Thread: Skill Points - Cones - Youth Players

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    Skill Points - Cones - Youth Players

    How many Skill points = 1 Cone

    How many Skill Points for 1 FULL Star

    For the first time i bought my Youth Player , a 4 star player , no good yet, but building up , are these Youth players better than buying a 5 star player age 18/21 with a 4 or 9 on the end.

    If these youth players are going to be worth buying , i need to grow 2 stars because i will lose 1 on promotion .

    How many rests is it going to take and is it worth the effort and money.

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    I normally release the player that costs tokens, but sign the player who is free. Then I immediately sell him.

    I don't think I've ever kept a youth player as the one to sign using Tokens always seems to be overly priced, when you could go on auction and win a 5 star player for a few Tokens. The free player is then also a star worse in quality, so would not be good enough for my team and would require a lot of power training to get up to speed.

    I do believe the youth players train quicker, but it will still need a lot of training to get them up to speed.

    It takes 75 cones to earn a full star. So you are looking at developing them to get 150 cones if you are aiming for 2 stars. It is doable with power training, but I would advice if you are going to do it you do it in the first few days of the season, as opposed to now. If you got a good youth player on day 3 or 4 of the season then maybe it would be worth keeping and training them as you would have almost a full season before they lose a star. If you were to get a 4 star player tomorrow, you would only have a few days until he lost a star, so I wouldn't bother.

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    Great advice! Someone posted this elsewhere.

    "Firstly you need to understand this:-

    To get the rating up, you need 15 cones. i.e from 40 to 41

    To get one star, you need 5*15 = 75 cones i.e from 40 to 45

    I assign cones only after obtaining 5 cones for a player so I can monitor the progress. I would know roughly that he would need an additional 5 or 10 to the next rating."
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