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Thread: Can't beat weaker teams

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    Can't beat weaker teams

    I have no idea what to do, ever since I moved up a league I've hardly won a match and I'm usually playing teams with a lower team value and lower average team score

    I know you can lose to people with a lower score, to make it more realistic, but I'm 12th in the league and my last few losses I've had

    +1.2, +1.5, +3.3, +3.5 Score on my opponants

    It's no fun losing all the time, when there doesn't seem to be anything you can do about it

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    are you playing illegal formation hun ?? how have you improved your team ?? what formation you playing ?? what tactics you using let us know more if you want some help hun , honest we will try to help if we can !!! screenshots of games etc !! but give us more to go on lol

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    Tactics are 2-1-4-3

    All playing their correct possitions

    With a 4 Star Keeper and 5 star striker, only 1 2 star player the rest are 3 or higher, lots of additional training points in the right places and so on.

    I'm doing what I did when I was in the first league, I bought some better players and trained up some guys, but level 2 is just kicking my butt

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    2-1-4-3 with 2 defenders???????

    or do you mean 3-4-1-2??????

    Without looking at a screenshot of your team here's my guess as to whats going wrong

    1) 3 at the back is something i've played since starting this game a year ago and its now a lot weaker than it was. Your team mentality has to be normal or defensive or you'll concede too many goals
    2) too many arrows, take them off see if things get better
    3) Although many doubt the importance of player stats (including me) if you have any players other than your goalie who regularly get 4,5,6 stats (Tom Cleverlys ) look to find a replacement

    If none of this applies to your team post screen shots please
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    Theres lots of reason why your losing!, are you training players befor a match? DONT!!!!, only train the whole squad after the last match of the day, Make sure your team have at least 90% condition and good morale although you can get away with morale being low, check all players are in the correct position!, DC and MC swap around so if your playing them on the right switch them to the left!, make sure you play substertutions at least 1 per game!, dont play the exact same team more than once in a day if possible!, rotate your players every few games to give them plenty of rest time, tactics!, look at your orders and see where you can tweek them, if your defenders have red arrows on take them of and try none or blue, if your playing 3 at the back try playing 4!, try to play two strikers and always have a minimum of 3 midfielders!, play a DMC for extra cover if possible, use the flanks as much as you can DL,DR,ML,MR!!!.
    Set your match play orders to normal or attacking, mixed passing,close down own half,tackling normal, or hard,mixed passing style,and zonal marking always!, dont play force counter attacks and play offsides, also check the age of your players! older ones will tire quicker and especialy if you have your orders set to close down whole pitch!, when buying new players look for the HOT PROSPECTS as these are usually fast trainers and you get good value for a 3-4 seasons!, you definatly need to show us a screen shot of your team.
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    Check if you are using 3 or more defenders, (back line).
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