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Thread: again with the false promises

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    again with the false promises

    Posted on MArch 5, 2013 : the most recent ASK THE DEVS

    @gamerxownz Will it be possible to watch our matches live, but not only text only but like when you watch a game on tv.

    There could be a nice surprise coming in the next couple of months : )

    This was over a year ago. Does time pass slower or faster for different people? NEXT COUPLE OF MONTHS!!!!
    Does couple of months mean 2-3 months or 2-3 YEARS?

    so according to Nordeus-speak, months = years. is this some sort of secret code they use in case communications are possibly monitored????????


    Seriously though, how come the devs are horrible people that increase expectations only to constantly string you along with false promises until they make you forget what you originally asked for?

    and before you ban or edit me for insulting the devs, I am not insulting them, I am simply pointing out that they say things are in the works from years ago and they never materialize. raising expectations and never following through on things makes people think that these people who make the promises are just bad people. examples of the phrases that were used several times in both ATD's:

    We are working already on fixing this.
    This feature is planned.
    We’re working really hard on resolving this ASAP.
    We are seriously considering adding something like that.
    There could be a nice surprise coming in the next couple of months.
    We’re planning on offering a larger variety of scout players at a wider variety of prices
    We hope to release this feature in the near future. Glad to see there’s interest!
    We’re open to this possibility in the future.
    We are developing a fix for this problem.
    This has been discussed for a while now and we have something in the works.
    Updating the youth academy is something we are currently discussing.
    We’ve been aware of these issues and we’re looking into possible solutions.
    Thanks for the suggestion. We’ll fix this. (Funny how the question for this answer is:Why do the GK have the same Stats as a field player? They should have Clean sheet record, goals allowed, penalty saved – not goals scored, goals assists.)

    lots of promises and raised expectations and no follow through.
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    aaaa common man,those are typical nordeus false promises,nothing new at all

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