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Thread: UNFAIR GAMEPLAY & TRANSFER SITUATION please sort this out !

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    Angry UNFAIR GAMEPLAY & TRANSFER SITUATION please sort this out !

    where do i start !

    ive been playing this game now since 30/04/2012

    i have spent over £500 GBP, i login almost everyday maybe 4 times a day training players etc.

    i am currently stuck in league 24, i have been here for 3 seasons and cant get out.
    i have the highest ranked team with.. 143.0 5stars
    ive changed my formation a few times and won a handfull of games, what is going on !!!
    also i cant sell any players, last season i actually let players leave and sacked them to free up space to buy new players! and my scout players are worse than my squad players !

    Top Eleven sort this out ! i am so unpleased with this and feel that because i havent spent any money on the game in a while you have some kind of system that realises this and makes it impossible for people who dont use ££ ! its becoming quite annoying and starting to destroy the relationship i have with this game due to some unfair unjust programming on your behalf.

    i do believe that something is dreadfully wrong and have lots of friends who play this game who also feel the same but they havent been playing for so long, im sure you can fix this !

    also you should make it possible to buy players from your friends in higher leagues, i have friends trying to sell players but cant sell due to the crap transfer market, however i would happilly buy them but cant !!! its terrible !

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    Bro it seems like you are on the NEW TRANSFER MARKET...In this market you cannot sell your players to lower levels...

    And yes they do keep track of people who spend money...

    Every now and then they FORCE each team to buy tokens by trolling them but for the TOKENS buyer the rate is quite alarming...

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    It sounds like you are near the top Level of your server, making it hard to sell players because there are less managers/levels seeing them. You can buy friends' players so long as they are on the same server, and three to five star from your perspective.

    You could consider "tanking" or taking over a different team in a lower level.

    I do not think they care if you have bought Tokens lately, honestly. I have multiple teams, and only a couple have bought Tokens, it doesn't seem to make a difference in when they slump or no.
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