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Thread: ****ty game that is what it is

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    ****ty game that is what it is

    Shitty game that is what it is-untitled577.jpg

    Shitty game that is what it is-untitled576.jpg

    Shitty game that is what it is-untitled575.jpg

    This game is unbelievable. I do not want anyone to say or think about any tactics that he might have used that made him win the game. I concentrated my attacks on flanks where his weakest players are and yet he won.

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    Crystal palace beat Chelsea 1-0 like 2 weeks ago
    Chelsea beat PSG 2-0 but they struggled to beat Swansea City a few days later (1-0) even though Swansea City only had 10 men while Chelsea had 11 men for most of the game.
    Man Utd, 7th in premier league drew with Bayern Munich which was undefeated at the time and was top of the Bundesliga, Man Utd had more chances and in my opinion dominated most of the game and would have won that game if Welbeck didn't miss the one on one with Nueur
    Atletico Madrid which isn't even close to the ratings of Barcelona cruised past Barcelona and dominated them especially in the first leg of the champions league.
    Wigan Athletic which is 5th in the 2nd division beat the highest rated team in England 1-0 in the FA cup, Manchester City. Wigan Athletic isn't even in the first division yet they beat the best team in the first division, all this happened THIS season..
    I could go on and on but the point is you can't blame a loss on the game, just because you have a better team doesn't mean you're going to win. I prefer big teams losing to weak teams once in a while because NO team in real life will win every game and what good is a game with no competition? PS. I find it hard to believe that the engine purposely makes you lose just so it will make you spend more money, how come there are many people that have had 26-0-0 seasons?
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