I used to play another sport sim game so I kind of knew what to expect...I get that occasional match troll results do happen but this is beyond ridiculous. No wonder people quit and get ticked off at Nordeus. I played flat 4-4-2, attacking down both flanks with red arrows on the strikers and wingers.

Game #1: First leg of the Cup QF. Quality was pretty even on both sides. I was the only one watching the match, yet the opposing team scores 3 goals in 4 minutes. I had a 65-35 edge in possesion. What really irks me off is that I had 10 corners (yes, 10!) in the match taken by a corner specialist but every single one was headed away by the defence or cleared from danger. You'd think one of my 5 star strikers would get a head to it? Just to add insult to injury, he seems to have played an illegal formation with 6 midfielders.

Game #2: League game. I had a 6 point edge on average quality, half his team were 2 stars and yet didn't have a single 4 star+ player. I had a 70-30 advantage in possession, 13 shots to his 4 on target. Even though I was away, again, I was the only one watching the match. Funny enough all my players got 7s for ratings, except one who got 8, his players had one 8, three 5s and the rest 7s. MOM was a 2star defender. He played a 4-5-1.

Game #3: Round of 16 champs league game 2. I had a 2-0 advantage going in to this leg at my stadium, and my team was superior with average 3 points better in quality. Shouldn't be a problem right? Wrong. He plays an odd looking 4-4-2 (3cbs and 1 right back), soI decide to attack down the flank he is weakest at where there's no wing back. One of my mids gets tackled by an opposing player who gets no card, so mine has to go off injured. I had a slight edge in possesion, 10 shots on target, 4 free kicks taken by a free kick specalist who missed them all or put them into a wall to his 1, and 8 corners to his 2...again taken by a corner specialist.

Game #4: Cup QF leg 2. I was away and didn't really harbour much hope of overturning a 3-1 deficit going into his stadium. Sure enough, lost 1-0.

So I basically got trolled 4 times in a row. WTF is going on? Everything was going well up until this point and I didn't really change much except improve my wingers.