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Thread: Does condition affect to the game?

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    Does condition affect to the game?

    Hi mates , does condition level affect the game of player? Every match you lose 25% of condition, is it the same for all players ?And does it depend on Fitness or Strength skill?
    I won a player of 100% condition , with half of my players being around 30% .
    Thx in advance

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    Many people on here especially the computer techno geeks will tell you it does not matter and that its a pre analysed result bla bla bla!, thats upto you to decide what you believe but me I personaly from my experience in the game think they do!, I have found that keeping your morale and condition above 90% for a match realy helps and reduces the chances of injuries!, also making substertution and rotating the squad works well to keep key player well rested.
    Dont train till after you r last match of the day, use a full 22 man squad with two players in every position.
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    Yep agree with Mr Skidz , keep condition up to avoid injuries and a better performance over the full 90 mins

    Also try to keep morale up as much as you can hun
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