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Thread: About league higher than manager level

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    About league higher than manager level

    Hello guys...
    I, and 2 friends are all level 5. We are playing toghether since league 1. But, for my surprise, we didnt faced the league 5 like everybody. We jump from league 4 direct to league 6.
    We faced teams with managers higher level than ours. We faced 8 teams lv 6...they had access to scout player at normal buy (with juat 1 token).

    For example: we can buy players at max quality 44...they can buy 49.
    It turn the things really hard. Some of them are actives...others arent.

    My question is:
    In the next season we qill play again the league 6 (since we will be at lv 6) or we gona play tbe league 7..?

    Awaiting replies

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    It deals with the number of managers at each level on the server. If there is not enough managers to fill out a league they will use managers of different levels to fill it out. So I cannot say what will happen next year. All you can do is hope enough managers are at your level to fill out the league with the same level