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Thread: Rubbish players!?

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    Rubbish players!?

    1. Has anyone else experienced having a really good player for a couple seasons and even though you keep his level up to scratch he simply stops performing.

    I have a player 'Negredo' He would score on average 2/3 goals every game for 2 seasons. He is only 21 now and this season he scored 2 in 10 games?

    2. Fed up with rubbish scouts. I bought 2 scouts this season (purely down to the rubbish transfer market) and there both donkeys. My striker 22 'one on one special' has scored 1 in 13 games?? - Its infact my striker that is 8 levels lower that has scored the most for me.

    Anyone have any ideas to keep players playing well? - Can badly performing players be changed into decent players?

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    I think you can turn some poor performers around. It is hardest with Scouts/slow trainers though. I got a player off a friend, that last season didnt do so well for him. I wanted him cos he was a lefty, and he looked like an okay trainer for his age. It took a week of adding skill points to see him improve, and he has gotten better as I add points. The hard part is figuring how you need the points, for me, I added a bunch to physical. If his attributes are already similar to a player who performs well, I try adding to his primary skills (off or def) for awhile. But like I said, with a slow trainer that's kind of tedious. If they're really poor performing after a couple weeks, time to sell them for me. Because, there are players that just won't work for my team sometimes.
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    I have noticed that strikers can have this kind of slumps, plays wonderfull 2 seasons, plays bad 1 season and returns to good form on the next.

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    I once power trained a defender to 8* DL/DC with defensive header, He gave me one good season with collecting quite a number of MOTM awards... Next season brought him back to 8* which is the JF standard these days and he just became a liability and kept giving the ball away and give 5s and 6s each game. So I decided to let him rot in the reserves so to speak.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dman2pt View Post
    I have noticed that strikers can have this kind of slumps, plays wonderfull 2 seasons, plays bad 1 season and returns to good form on the next.
    And so do GK, DC and MC.
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