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Thread: Injuries

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    Somethings not right, almost every game i play a starting player get injured!!! I am playing hard attacking but still, the odds of one of my players getting injured in almost every game i play is bullsh#t.

    I have 4 starters out injured as of now ( just got one back today ) If that keeps up ill be lucky if i have a full team to play.

    Yes you can argue that i play hard attacking so i should expect injuries, which i do, but of the 9 games i have played, i have had one game where no one got injured. Thats crap. Seriously.

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    It's good to see another Cantabrian on here

    I've had 5 injuries all season to date (famous last words) - I use a full squad, so guys play 1 game a day. Never train/play anyone who's below 80% conditioning, and make sure your pitch and medical facilities are as developed as possible.
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