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Thread: Hi to all managers,,,,,can you help me

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    Question Hi to all managers,,,,,can you help me

    I'm quite new at top eleven but I notice,as one season comes to an end,and a new season begins my player stars seem to drop and I have to start again is this the norm or can somebody please tell me how to improve my players without purchasing tokens....thanks again all managers.......

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    Yes, the stars only stay the same if you don't promote.

    One thing to try to do is improve your facilities,
    keep building as soon as one build finishes start another.

    You get green and red boosters, which are vital for fixing injury
    and the green for adding extra training to your better players.

    Try to get high value players when you add to your team,
    you want the faster trainers if you want to keep them some time.
    I watch when the designated trainees are close enough to attain a point,
    they get a green and train on hard when doing training.
    Expressed above is my own opinion. Your results may vary.
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    Thank you very much for your insight,this will help loads top man.....
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