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Thread: This Game...

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    This Game...

    So, i just had a match, after spending tokens to shore up my offense, getting some quality young players... i figure I'm good to go.

    16th minutes, my opponent loses a guy to injury, 24th minute my opponent loses a guy to Red Card. 30th minute, my opponent scores... I fail to score the remainder of the game, despite Hard Attacking orders and three 4 star or higher attacking options.

    What the Actual F*ck?

    I'm level 4, trying to get a grasp, but this kinda seems ridiculously lopsided if I can't beat a 9 sided team with all my attacking power. What the hell else can I do?

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    in top eleven, the team who red carded or injured.. they defence become more stronger. i also dont know why.. but same as you i experienced it too before.. many times.. so with those suddenly steroided defence while you are playing with hard attacking.. its not gonna be good result.. but you still can beat him, maybe your formation are countered by him, thats why hard to goal..

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    Maybe he counter you?
    Or have better formation :P
    My quality team is 93.0 and i lose against 83.0 so ... see all is possible in this game
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    The players you have are not so good as u think. That's the honest truth. And maybe the fact u were on Hard Attacking also went against u because you're vulnerable to counters.

    5* doesnt equate to results.
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    I get quite annoyed when i keep seeing these threads.

    The outcome of a match in Top11 can be influenced by a variety of parameters. You're players quality is one of them, along with how rested they are, there mental condition, winning bonuses, team formation and tactics, winning streaks, and some sheer luck. We don't know for sure, but perhaps being new on a team can have an effect, or playing in a different formation (such as in the 3 different MC posts). So it is not as simple as buying higher level players - very much like, well, actual football.
    So stop being so surprised, play the game, and figure out what makes it work for your team.
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