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Thread: basta scontrarsi con i livelli superiori

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    Angry just collide with the upper levels

    Hi all I'm new to the forum, I wanted to tell you that this is the season 8 top eleven and I'm 3 seasons I go out in the semi-finals or even the Cup qualifying because? the higher levels when it is about to finish the season begin to buy 3 star players so they, have 11 players and 11 scartine so remain low.I make an example I am at level 8 I collided with a 9 level I 55 49, he went I won 1 4 on the return I lost 5 to 2; Why? He bought players of that level, I conclude by saying that it is wrong to engage different levels now have figured out all how does do something thanks
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    Angry enough to collide with the upper levels

    Hello everyone I am new to the forum, I wanted to tell you that this is the season in the top eight and eleven are 3 seasons that I go out in the semis or even in the qualifying rounds of the cup why? higher levels when going to finish the season start to buy players with 3 stars so 'down-level, type have 11 players of level 11 and so scartine' remain level basso.Faccio an example I'm at level 8 I was confronted with I am a level 9 55 49 him, all 'round I won 4 to 1 return I lost 5 to 2; why? had bought players at that level, I conclude by saying that it is wrong to pit different levels by now everyone has understood how you do something with: Mad:

    (google doesn't seem do well with Italian)

    Yes, the Cup you can have a large difference in team Levels -- and yes people sell off their players to lower their average and then buy higher Quality at the beginning of the Season.

    If the Teams were all the same level, it would be a clone of Champions League. The way it currently is, is similar to a real life Cup situation where various Levels and Quality face each other. I do know it can be frustrating -- I am in 15th level and have made it to Cup final only three times!

    The Managers who sell off their teams and buy at Season start are hard to deal with, but that strategy can ruin their whole Season if it goes wrong, so it is a huge risk.

    Sometimes if there is not enough players of the same level, they can combine Levels in League or CL, too. But that is the exception, unlike Cup where if you have a good team, you WILL face higher Levels.

    Sì, la Coppa si può avere una grande differenza nei livelli di squadra - e sì la gente vendere i loro giocatori per abbassare la loro media e poi acquistare maggiore qualità all'inizio della stagione.

    Se le squadre erano tutti allo stesso livello, sarebbe un clone di Champions League. Il modo in cui è attualmente, è simile ad una vita reale situazione Cup dove vari livelli di qualità di fronte all'altra. So che può essere frustrante - Sono al 15 ° livello e ho fatto al finale di Coppa solo tre volte!

    I Gestori che vendono i loro squadre e acquista a inizio stagione sono difficili da affrontare, ma questa strategia può rovinare tutta la stagione se va male, quindi è un rischio enorme.

    A volte, se non ci sono abbastanza giocatori dello stesso livello, si possono combinare i livelli in campionato o CL, troppo. Ma questa è l'eccezione, a differenza Cup dove se hai una buona squadra, si dovrà affrontare livelli più alti.
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    This is an English speaking forum so please write in English, all i got was mad: so guessing result or injuries hit you in one game ??
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    I met lot of Italians and they are too proud to speak, even learn English.
    If you ask them Italian should be world's default language
    So I guess this guy probably won't translate...

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    translation becomes a bit 'complicated also because I do not speak to me for help with English translators hello

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    It is an intended part of the game that the Cup includes teams of different levels. (Even if they decided not to do this intentionally it would still happen to a lesser extent because the number of teams involved a Cup draw would make matching teams difficult.)

    It is a bit of a pita that people can try to manipulate a draw by entering the Season with crap players and buying higher quality after the draw is made but its not that much different from people buying a Scout team after league draw is made.

    To prevent this the devs would need to block transfers on first day of the Season and that would harm income so I don't see it happening.