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Thread: Worst player ever?

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    Worst player ever?

    Just got this player from youth...

    Worst player ever?-2014-06-07-09_53_10-1-top-eleven-football-manager-facebook.jpg

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    I take it your level 1 or 2 ???, and as he is the free acadamy player then what do you expect!, he is a Q4 so keep him and gain his star or sell him and get a good price because of his quality and age.
    If you think that is bad wait till yo get up to the higher levels and find your acadamy players are like Q15 BELOW YOUR TEAM!, then you have real reason to be P OFF!!!! . I havent signed a decent acadamy player for ages because of it! I just wait till managers release them and they come on the market.
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    Wtf haha, let me guess, u kept him haha

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    WHAT A STUD! Im sure hes a fast trainer, play him in a few matches and he will be the next Neymar. Yeah just kidding, you can keep him and use him to bring down your overall quality to fool some opponents and the cup draw. Then eventually with occasional training you can sell him to a level 1.
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    how is he the worst ever? Hes just a youth guy, one star, so that 'd mean your somewhere in level 1 - 3 .

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    This guy has tremendous value when it comes to the cup draw. Reminds of a level 5 token buyer on my in-game friends league that had several player of like 6 overall quality.
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    Did you speed up building yer Academy? I made that mistake. Once. yeah you could keep him to fool a Cup draw but keep in mind it counts only the minimum Team, 14 best.

    p.s. you might be able to sell him. I sold a free youth much like that, but it took many many tries.
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