Win a Trophy Cup - 3rd T11 Cat Cup World Cup Edition-diapositiva8.jpg

Hi to all , the WC is here and we celebrate our 3rd T11 CAT CUP with some news and format. Do you want win the cup trophy?

Enter in

1 - Register for the EVENT and place: [Your Name] [Equipment] [level] [Your Facebook] eg [Sergi Sanchez] [f1portalnet] [6] [ SergiSanchezLabrador]. Those who have done this in the event and teneo given until Tuesday 10 at 22h CET only taken

2 - Read all rules and information we publish both the group and every event that opened within the group. You can also read our web Top Eleven CAT CUP

3 - Every 2 days there is a match against a team, one at home and one away your posting that sends your opponent that same day. Do not let a last minute shipping friendly.

4 - We will publish both the event and on the website, all participating teams with a list of who each manager and their corresponding Facebook

5 - Once registered all managers, if there will be more than 32 Preliminaries with teams that were recorded later and always have priority those who have played previous editions.

6 - The level manager to carry more equipment selection with the highest level according to the table that we publish, and so on.

7 - The table of goals needed to beat a team is also published and adapted to this issue, here as the total goes to dial between the 2 parties.

8 - The new prize will be a real trophy cup T11 Cup Cat

9 - At the end of the cup other issue that will match even the world, will be the 4th edition.

10 - Any questions please contact the director with the Technical Staff