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Thread: how to beat 5-3-2 and park the bus

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    how to beat 5-3-2 and park the bus

    Actually I am in 1/8 for the cup, and my opponent plays 532narrow. Can I play 4-3-1-2 against it as I don't have enoght player to play butterfly? I am now leading in my leage too with all victory against opponent but now I am playing against the runner up,3rd an d4th in a row and I have 2 scouts injury. Should I play park the bus like chelsea? Both of the scouts are mc and st and they contribute at least 2goals every match so my firepower is low. I want to win, but the priority is at least get a draw.

    Can I play park the bus like this?

    I play 3-2-3-2


    I play defensive,hard takling, force counterattack,offside,normal passing,mixed focus.

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    Don't play defensive because he's playing with a very defensive formation. You need the break the defence with attacking formation. 3n-1-4-2 might work. Focussing in all areas (mixed) with mixeed passing. Attacking mentality, also play offside trap. I put red arrows to all my players except for my central DC, i put blue on him. You don't need the DML/DMR as he doesn't have any wingers.

    I've won twice against 5-3-2 with this tactics. 4-1,7-3. Hope it would work for you too.
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    You can't beat 'em.. cz I'm the one who use 5-3-2,.. LOL

    maybe you should try 442C, down both flanks, long ball