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Thread: Moving up the Levels?

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    Moving up the Levels?

    Hi friends,

    I'm completely new to Top Eleven, started from mid season and now my league is in #1 position.

    1) How do I move up the levels?

    2) When I set training (stretching) and play friendlies, my players condtion becomes worse. Any recommended ways or any guide to approach this?

    I'm going thru the guides section in this forum as well..


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    You move to the next level if you finish your season in 1st-7th position in the league.
    Also read Top Eleven Official Wiki , will help you to find out how to play

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    1) Finish in the Top 7 in the league and your team gets promoted into next level league: top 4 gets you into the Champions League next season.

    2) Condition is the players energy. When they do some activity (training or playing) they use condition and, afaik, the higher intensity the training or the more involved they are in a game or more 'motivated' they are in a game the more they lose. Green Rest kits replenish 15% condition (if used on 1 player) and normal rest recovers 5% every 3 hours. (You can also pay multiple kits to bring forward a 'whole team rest' (an extra rest).

    Apart from that another way to manage it is to rotate players, only train once per day depending on number of games. Counting how many 3 hour intervals until the next game and multiplying by 5 (how much condition you regain) is a good way to keep an eye on things.

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    While your in the lower levels try to keep your best 11 for plating in the league only, youu aim should be top 7 finish or better!, this insures you level up, if you can make it top 4 even better, you then play champions league football aswell.Try to get two players to every position so you always have cover for injuries or suspensions.Only train your players after the last game of the day!, watch videos to gain extra rest packs and make subs during live matches as this too gets you extra boosters. Try to keep your players condition and morale above 90..%.
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    Also you can click on individuals training level, so you can select just the players who aren't tired.

    This thread has links to some useful tutorials:
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