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Thread: ?'s & Suggestions

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    ?'s & Suggestions

    I know it's a browser based game,but why game engine has own will & often is against more dedicated team owner than opponent. Meaning that losing to opponent that watches only very small % of his / her season matches & win would've been certain.. :/ Statistically when looking team's and their match history my team should've been the winner in previous match against team hasn't been taken care of for a long time. Want to have some sort of in game chat room where u can login and talk to Top Eleven friends. Cause some players have names that r not found from Facebook and can't add them and tell them about plans or asking them to come and support for next important match. Also sometimes to thank them for being active and suppot in live matches and or sending packages.

    Often when for example 4x friends send same package the client only gives 1x..has happened many many times and my manager lvl is now 10. Need a fix for that and improvement for game engine and pls in game chat. I've invested more than 20e for the game and after this current weird bad season "except in C.League" i regret at least for about 50% for that what i've put in.

    Wish good weekend for all and tomorrow Chile makes 2nd surprise and sends Brazil packing I'm supporting Chile & Argentina. Diegooo Maradoonaa will be called to field from crowd when Argentina wins the Cup =)

    - Terry -
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    It is frustrating to lose to a lightly (or not) managed Team. It happens more than it should, it's true. But if you plan for such Teams without feeling it will be a walkover, you shouldn't have it happen that often.

    A chat window is a popular suggestion, but I don't forsee it happening for many reasons; bandwidth (the game's already a lot for some people's equipment), no good way to moderate it (it's nice to thank someone, but others would use it when angry at losing), language barriers are a few.

    The gifts is set that way for fairness (to prevent people opening multiple accounts and cheating with it) and won't change.
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