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Thread: Left Foot/ Right Foot

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    Left Foot/ Right Foot

    I've got this two Strikers in my team and i would play the right foot on the left side and the left foot on the right side
    Anyone had players that would perform better on a different side depending on their foot ?
    It actually worked pretty good for me last season when i had aml with right and amr with left foot. both were performing at top.
    Makes me think that it actually matters..why would topeleven put Foot Right/Left if it didnt ?

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    I dont know, in my case i actually never noticed a difference with my striker, i have 3,all right foot, play them left side as well, n they score normally, so i dont see a difference, but maybe others do, but i think u can't generalise it affects o not

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    What I've noticed is that players able to play either foot are superior over one footed players. Especially both feeted AMC. He's just scoring so many long shots! (unless my AMC has that hidden shadow striker SA...)
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    I've got a rightie that prefers the left. And I've got an 'either' that doesn't seem to like the left (or just had a bad couple of games).

    I had a leftie that came with my team that only liked the left - huge slump in middle or right. So I had to put him on left even as a lone striker.

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