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Thread: New Troll Result from Nordeus hehe

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    Nordeus was waiting for a chance to troll me... AND THEY GOT IT.
    10:48 a.m. I'm peacefully sleeping in my bed when the match starts. Nordeus are probably like "omg, this guy is finally not at the match, let's f!@k him up!!" And this is the result:
    Explain to me how my almost 5* midfielder gets 2 yellows in 1 minute against a team like that:
    New Troll Result from Nordeus hehe-untitled2.jpg New Troll Result from Nordeus hehe-untitled.jpg
    +inactive manager and 4 players out of position (basically entire defense) yet we're not able to score more than them......
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kylos View Post
    proven once again.. lol shame.
    yea that means the engine is a fake one, result is fixed

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    I was watching a match where my player got 2 yellows in a span of 3 minutes. It was rather frustrating to see my player has no intelligence to take it easy when sitting on a yellow. Plus with the delayed subbing time there was nothing I could do. Got a draw out of that game also
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    Yesterday my FK specialist scored 2 goals from 2 FKs 6 mins apart then broke his foot - all in first 18 mins. Still don't know if I trolled or got trolled.

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