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Thread: Why the players get worst when the season changes?

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    Why the players get worst when the season changes?

    I've played my first season and i improved the skills of my player, but when the season changed the players got worst. Is it normal? or i am with problem?

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    When players move up a level they're number of stars go down by 1. They still have the same qualities but they are being 'judged' at a higher level.

    Star ratings are always related to Team Level. You can see this too when looking at other teams players. If, as a level 2 team, you look at a level 3 team and see a 5 star player in his team, to him its a 4* player, and to another viewer who's level 5 its a 3* player......same player.

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    Your players aren't worse. They will be the same quality as they were 2 days ago (say if your player was 18Q, he still will be 18Q today), the only thing that changes is the amount of stars they are.

    If you go onto the market now you will see that the highest available players to buy (the five star ones) will have a higher Q than the ones you has last season. That's because every time you promote, the best players available to you increase in quality by 5Q.
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