This season I got assigned into a league full of people I just player before!
First we have the guy who beat me in the cup final last year, next up we have the league winner and runner up from last year. Also we have the number 4 League player of last year and a couple and the guy who eleminiated me from the CL with a 1-0 win for me first than a 2-1 win from him were he scored the two goals in the last minute -.- how unfortunate? He ended up winning the CL big of course.

Anyone ever experienced the same around my level? I can imagine if you get a higher level you will meet the same players over and over again but level 5?

Quite funny that I meet the exact rivals from last year.

I don't feel confortable in this league its full of top quality players, last year I was the only guy who managed to beat the league top 2 on both occations and I also nearly won the cup/CL so I could win in.. Lets wait and see

Oh I forgot to mention this league will also be my holiday season so it will be extra tough, what formation should I use when I'm away with now wifi? The stable 4-4-2 or the classic 4-3-3?