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Thread: strongest opponents at the last rounds

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    strongest opponents at the last rounds

    Hey Guys

    I have noticed that i have to play my strongest opp in League every time at round 13 and round 26.
    This is the fourth or fifth season that i noticed that.
    Did everyone else notice the same to face the most strongest opps in one of the last rounds?
    It is interessting to know how it goes in other leagues and do you have the same experience?
    That means for me at begin of every season is clear which teams will be sit on top of the table with me.
    Like i say. This is not the first time that i noticed that.

    Sorry for my broken english
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    Probably a coincidence.
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    Lol, you just blew my theory out of the water. I've met my strongest rival for 3 seasons now in my 3rd match. Don't think I've had a 'strongest' 13th or 26th match and only once have I had a hard one.

    *mutters* meh, ruins my perfectly good pattern */mutters*

    EDIT: on Round 13 & 26 this season I play a team 12Q below which I played in CL final last season - my league is half full of teams I met in the CL over last 2 seasons.
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    It is set up so that the teams with the highest average play each other near the half way mark and near the end of the season, happens to me almost every year.
    I suppose it's just a way to have more chance of 'deciders' getting played.
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    Played my hardest opponent in 2nd round. Last season the worse team was my last match

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    I usually play my hardest opponent every round as thoes mofoz are all on same quality anyway no, never noticed anything like that

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