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Thread: Is there an auto setting when away from home without Internet????

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    Is there an auto setting when away from home without Internet????

    I will be out of town for 4 days without internet access. Is there a way to set formations and line-ups and have the game play these games automatically while I'm away, or am I out of luck. :-)

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    Not really, just set up your best Formation & Orders, and make sure your subs are filled in, in case of injury or cards.
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    Pick a balanced formation, i suggest 4-2-2-2 hex, but 4-4-2 works. So if a red card happens it prevents an illegal formation. I like 4-2-2-2 hex because you have more control over your auto-subs situation (you have 2 strikers, 2 wing players, 2 midfielders, 4 defenders, and 1 goalkeeper, so you can use all the auto-subs slots)
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    Im also going on a 8 day trip without wifi, how do I select these auto subs? And where? Is it at computer only?
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