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Thread: Feeling Cheated Again

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    Again I'm playing someone with not a lot of Stars to most of There Team, and I'm whooped again, He's got 1 five star full back, the rest are rubbish, 3 Midfielders on 3 Stars and 1 on One, 3 and 4 star Strikers, almost "NOTHING",

    I'm on lvl 31 and getting VERY tired of this Crap happening, in fact, if it happens again.... I'm off to hunt for a new app,

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    That's why you need to grasp at least basic formation knowledge of the game. Any formation with 5 defenders is not easy to play against.
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    take over a lower level team then

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    as above take over a low level team start again with your knowledge of the game !!!!! I did its awesome

    Ps my avatar picture is Rowland !!!!!!!!!!!