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Thread: Hi :D

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    Hi :D

    Hi everyone! It's my first post so don't be harsh :P

    Anyway, I have no idea where to post this so mods, move if you wish. What I want to ask is about connecting my exclusively mobile account to Facebook.

    So here's the situation: I've been playing T11, just on my phone, without connecting to Facebook, for several months now, and have assembled an average, maybe decent team. However, recently, I found out that several of my real life friends also play Top Eleven, however, connected to Facebook. So obviously, I want to be friends with them on T11 as well. My first question is: is there any way to search for friends/clubs and request without being on Facebook? And secondly, does my progress on mobile reset if I connect to Facebook?

    Thanks for any help, really appreciate any answers
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    If you want to be on the same server as your friends, you need to accept an invite from one of them on Facebook and start the game for the first time in FB from that invitation. If they have been playing awhile, you would be on different levels unless they take over level one when you start.

    The Facebook is separate from the "Let Me Play" account. If you wanted to attach it to your FB, Nordeus Support might be able to help with that. But it would NOT be likely to be on the same server as your friends.