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Thread: Tokens competition

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    Tokens competition

    I dont know is this right place to post this but i posted it. So I won at competition Tablet Selfie on Facebook for 100 tokens and i didnt get the reward so i'm asking will i get reward ?

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    The lucky winners are: Denmla Konza, Tommi Koskinen, Eduardo Martins, Vito Incantalupo, Juan Ignacio Staltari, Kah Kit Tham, Jens Hamelryck, Guilherme Souza, Amr Naeem, Yiulian Gjidodai, Trev Trevor, Cosmin Popa, Ricardo Santos, Tom Rosenberg, Carlos Rachele Malaponti.

    Well congratulations. Yep, you'll get your reward in few days i guess-It takes up to few days.. 1-3 maybe. But you'll get them for sure.

    Btw i've seen your selfie, nice and creative haha. indeed a deserved winner.
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