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Thread: Market Valvue from Players in high levels!?

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    Exclamation Market Valvue from Players in high levels!?

    Hello dear forum,

    first of all sorry for my bad englisch...

    I'm from germany and play top 11 with pure excitement :-)

    Now i'm in level 17, and one from my friend is in level 18.

    He show me some players, he have bought and i cant believe... In my level 17, the players who cost over 100 milliions,

    ware very fast trainers and get more skill points...

    My friend who plays in level 18, show me players one example: Striker Q107 Rouven Müller (Germany) 18 year 105 million

    He gives him stretch training intensity 3 and he gets only +16 !!!!!!!

    My players in this category gets between +30 - +45

    Question in higher levels, you cant see what players are fast trainers?

    Because players with high market value, not fast trainers!!!! WHY???

    And what is with the wage, important? i dont have seen anything like this before....

    That means by level 18 market value shows good and bad trainers? I mean only the players over 100 million and 5 stars...

    What is the highest market value, you ever see?

    Thanks and greetz from the WORLD CHAMPION 2014 :-)

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    First of all, I'm on that side of the forum which doesn't believe that wage has any correlation with training speed. It's just market value. Also, the market seems to have changed a bit recently with newly generated (nordgens/academy) 5* 18 y.o. players being slow trainers. So I'd just suggest you buying 19-21 y.o. players who have already played games (have stats), those should be fast trainers.
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    with the lower level it`s easy to see who is fast trainer`s with player`s cost but when you get to level 17/18 ( i`m level 19) it`s pot luck if you get a fast trainer or not
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    Hello Gintaras Račas,

    but also 18 y player can be fast trainer. I know what you mean, with stats etc. but i play all the time with my iphone, never use pc...

    That f!@ked me up, in higher levels is luck to get a g**d f**k... Any other indications??? Height and weight / Land is not important?

    Because often my south-american players, german players and serbian players perform very well :-)
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    The value of a player reaches a maximum around 105 million.

    So, it is no longer possible to determine which players are fast trainers based on their value when you play at the higher levels.
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