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Thread: Top eleven not intersting gma again

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    Top eleven not intersting gma again

    Why that top eleven not interesting game again ????
    1. So long time can't get free token from facebook always invalid url if want to watch free video and from top eleven no more video again.
    2. Cup, champions and league not fair format competition
    3. So many manager offline can win cup, champions and league.
    4. So many injury from 2 weeks every new season.
    5. Nothing best palayer again in new transfer market, nothing 5 star, always old age in new system server.
    6. Nothing booster again, money, rest, moral
    7. Ilegal formation so hard to defeat.
    8. The team with worst quality can win league.
    9. Top eleven so orientated to money for other manager but nothing for develop the game

    finally, so many club without manager in top eleven now.

    sorry if my english so bad. thanks. see you
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    I don't get these people... Did you just seriously take the effort to create forum account just to come here and write one hate post about you quiting the game? Nobody needs to hear this information unless you're willing to stay and pressure the Devs together for better T11.
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