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Thread: hyundai video

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    hyundai video

    does anyone know how to complete this stupid hyindai park video? It is some map thing and I cant figure out what to do to complete it and move onto the next video.

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    One I am having problems with is that Michelin advert/video.

    It messes your screen size up, you have to scroll up and down to get it right, then play the video. After doing this the video never credits you and you have to close the page down and reload it as you can't press the X in the corner of the video because the scroll is wrong.

    Awful. I couldn't get the Hyundai one to work either, but it was easy enough to shut down and it wouldn't reappear all the time. The Michelin one keeps popping up so you can't get past it and watch other videos or do other offers. Hopefully it will be removed from the T11 cycle in the next few days or so as its already been on for nearly a week.

    It won't be missed.