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Thread: Everything is relative in this game, that's not ok.

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    Everything is relative in this game, that's not ok.

    I understand the fact that this game is trying to simulate the real football, but there is not a single reference to play after anymore...

    What bothers me is the uselessness of the quality system. I played in UCL a game against a 31Q team (me 33Q) and I won with 0-6 (4-4-2 vs 4-1-3N-2, he also watched the game). Truly happy about that, no doubt.
    Then, in a match in the league, made a 1-1 draw with a equally team (me 34Q vs him 33.2Q). Totally rational, that was perfect.
    After that, made a 0-0 at home against a 21Q team (me 34Q / 4-1-3N-2 vs 4-3N-2W-1). Slightly disappointed, moved on.

    Now, I made a 3-3 at home against a 24Q team (me 34.5Q / 4-1-3N-2 vs 4-4-2). Using the exact same orders as the match with the UCL team (also 4-4-2), at 35' was 0-1 already, equalized in the min 90'. Full condition, full morale, always with a full stadium.

    And even though the formation was not modified, I cannot believe that it is so f***ed up to not being able to win against a such weak team, 10 quality points less.

    I do not want explanations and insignificant causes that may have affected the gameplay, I just want that the quality system to be adjusted and to make a little sense, because the next time this game trolls me big time, I will let it play with itself.

    Have a wonderful, full of goals day.

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    Do you understand that there's a difference between whole team Q and the 11 players who played Q?
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    Also 2 formations can have completely different orders, so you will not always get the same results.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gintaras Račas View Post
    Do you understand that there's a difference between whole team Q and the 11 players who played Q?
    This is not always the case,'s true from my own experiences. . Especially this this game engine...
    For example, I could have quality of 1st team 15 better then the opponent instead of only 10 but troll is still troll.. Then how they did it??? Like this: in the 1st half, I got 3 injured players.. 2 MCs and 1 ST..then early of 2nd half I got 1 red card...Tried to sub players, the game even kicked me out (disconnected me and ask for re-log in all the time)n when I really could log-in again the score oledi 3-0, it was to show that some of the game even oledi prefixed...and I lost 1-4 in the match suppose I should win more than 10-0 in normal condition. . that's how we got troll...

    In reality or even theory, YES..QUALITY OF TEAMS not only base on the overall BUT 1st starting eleven or Tactics also will make the weaker team can win the stronger..However, this game has so many Holes or not logic that requires to improve a what the Thread Starter (TS) is complaining is not the 1st case here.. but from time to time, I believe he will take it easy.. life is going on...and it's the game for entertaining...ofcoz U will feel fed up sometimes just how I felt b4..I also did complain like him but thing wont change in one day...So U should think that the TS want to release his stress here, bro...

    Hope it will improve better n better...
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    Don't make funny of Morinho!

    Team quality 10 up and starting players have 17 stars above opponents starting players and you still lost!
    Ok it's that time of year, I lost, I lost at HOME! My first lost in the league this season, no reason, just lose, nothing to talk about, plus 9% home possession, controlled the field, nothing to explain, played the same formation as he did, my players all SUCKED! Yes my "B" team, but they should have murdered him still! They played bad and his players excelled, good for him.
    Then there is the possibility that I'm on the Nordeus Poo Poo list, because I exposed that Jose Morinho is the DEVIL! I prefer the latter, and I can sleep at night knowing the latter explanation is true, because the former is UNACCEPTABLE!
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    last time I played 11 topeleven glad my team is winning and very sad to lose the war, but the last one I long to level 16 now (been relegated 4 times) I really had no sense sense when the team lost or won because the game engine does not happen so damn boring