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Thread: Friends split up in League!

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    Friends split up in League!

    Myself and 2 of my mates were in the same level 1 league last season. We all finished in the top 3 and expected to be put in the same level 2 league. How wrong we were! We r all split up. Whats the likelyhood of us meeting in future leagues? This is likely to make us stop playing.....surely it makes sense to keep friends together where poss?

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    Unfriend and play 1 league by that. Pray not to be again next league, did not work same for me...also we ended up together in Champions League, and World Cup...

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    Well at level 1, me and like 10 friends were at the same league. 7 were promoted and 3 of us were in a league and the other 4 in the other league. But we were always meeting in cup but again devided into 2 groups.