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Thread: Spend big for goalkeeper?

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    Spend big for goalkeeper?

    I have been saving my money and not spending much on my player acquisitions. This has worked well so far. I may wait until the leagues start getting a little more challenging (actually see live players) until I start spending. Based on reading the forum it may be another couple seasons.

    However when I am looking to make my first big purchase, I had thought buying the most expensive goalie I can afford would be a good idea. This one position seems like it could have the largest impact on my games and spending all my money on him would help me have a goalie that is young and a fast trainer and would be on my team for many seasons. But then I read forum posts that indicate more frustration with goalie prospects not living up to expectations more than other positions. Then it seems to evolve into a conservation into form vs quality vs "actual game performance" (actual saves vs goals given up).

    1. Do you and should I place more value on the goalie position than the others?
    2. Do they fail more often or are their failures just more visible because the you notice the opposing goals scored more than a lack of individual's goals?
    3. I know this seems like a topic that has been debated thoroughly with no resolution (so I half apologize in advance and just ignore this if you must), but what do you value in a player? Quality? Value? Form? Actual stats? I know everything would be ideal, but it seems like small picture (just taking the current season into consideration) maybe form and actual stats are more important and that for large picture (next five or more seasons) quality and value are more important?

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    1) a good goal keeper is important but so is a good striker as well as a good defense and midfielders. What u should do is have at least one 5 star player in each position.

    2) when u buy, u can only see the quality of the player so look for the highest quality, but after that, when u create a formation, use the players with the highest form; some 5 stars might have less form that 3 star players.

    Also if someone is expensive doesn't always mean that they are good.... I bought a 80k 5 star player and he has been MOM for 12 matches and has scored 17 goals. Look for players with 4 or 5 stars that r not that expensive. If u want more chances of winning, don't change the formation or player often, it makes them lose morale fast and gives the team higher chances of failure.

    Finally scout list players can be good but usually they r pointless.

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    I have been very patient and always look at the transfer market whenever I can for good deals, and now I finally have a team that if i wanted to I can use for the next 2-3 seasons without a single change and be very competitive. My advice would be to treat all positions equally, and when you see a good deal, go for it. I bought two 5* goalies using this process, and I only keep 1 on my roster, so I played each one, and kept the one with better form. I then trained the other one for a little bit and then sold him. I did this with a lot of my positions. In the end you get a team with good trainers who all have good form.

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    GK are the most important position....If you have a good GK then its half battle won...A good GK will always make 1, 2 saves per game which is enough for winning...

    I had an awesome GK because of him I won the League fairly easily conceding 6, 7 goals...
    Won the CL because of him only...He made crucial saves in every game...Final went to penalty shoot out and he saved 2 penalties...
    Also reached the CUP final because of him......

    While searching for a good GK, look for these attributes...
    1) Either Footed...
    2) Big Height......

    And once you have recruited him max out his defense......
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    Spending big on a goalie is not a bad deal its actually good.........i have a 6* GK and i m on the top of my league