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Thread: Player's condition

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    Question Player's condition

    Hi, just to check around:

    When your team is about to play a match be it league, champion league or cup game, what/how will be the player's condition you will be selecting to start in the line up?


    The fact is that I havnt won the league for the past ten seasons yet I keep winning the champion league. In between matches rest periods, I do give hard training to the players.

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    If it is a tough opponent I will always have it at 100%, but if it is a weaker opponent 80% is fine

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    depends on the match opponent and circumstance, if its an unimportant match against an average team then i'll often have a few average players on 40-50 and sub them if im watching/sub a player if they drop too low from getting tackled while i try to keep my top players near 70-80 (this has backfired before though playing someone tanking who have hard tackles on) if its a normal game or most 90-100 if it's a big game.
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    No matter the opponent or competition usually above 90% but never a 100% (95-97 most common) and down to 80% for friendlies.
    If some players have lower than 90% and I'm not keen on boosting them I just plan to sub the first in the 2nd half.
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    I've your opposite problem:
    I've been winning (and dominating) my League for last 8 seasons,yet I keep going out of Champions League for last 5 seasons and I've never won a Cup.

    Last season started very badly for me (I 'd never have believed I'd win and dominated the league later on).

    I'm expected better performances of my team,according to the condition:
    In Cup preliminary round, I've just defeated a 17 level team ( 2-2 away , 0-0 home) without winning.

    When condition is 80%-90%,such this results are frequent,at the moment it's ok.
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