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Thread: Paying to win

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    Paying to win

    Since no one accepts the offers they get on Negotiations, the only choise is Auction. In auctions there is allmost impossible to get good players for an okay price, since a lot is bidding on the same players. Seen many in my rank go up to bid round 30-35. That leaves the insanly expensive Tallents. Wich i bought two of just for fun, and ye after 1,5-2 seasons they kind of sucked.

    All this overpriced games does make you want to give them a low rating on the app stores/fb and dont reccomend to others..

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    Well don't look for players at the beginning of the season, because the majority of bidding wars happen then. Also people accept offers in negotiations when you get to higher levels, because many managers are a lot more active.

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