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Thread: Win Bonuses - Are They Worth It?

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    I'm a stingy manager saving up for a huge stadium. They are still getting the lowest bonus possible (just checked, actually since I haven't upped it in so long, it's lower than the lowest for my level) they'll just have to make do with their huge salaries for motivation.

    Maybe next Season I'll raise it on Cup matches and see if they do any better...
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    After putting up the Win Bonus on the Cup, I beat my Opponent 3-1, but they ended up scoring again during Extra Time and I lost 5-4 on aggregate. I was 5-1 up in my Champions League game and I won 5-4 (The opposition ended up scoring every shot they took in the last 10 mins, I call bullshit there, my Keeper is Lvl 51 and their Players weren't even Lvl 45) so I decided to push the Win Bonus up to 500k. I can see a difference in performance, but that doesn't mean I'm going to win all the time because of it.

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